Stop Gray Hair Organically  Restore Hair Color Eliminate Gray HairRestore Hair Color Eliminate Gray Hair

 Gray Hair Reverse & Rejuvenating Lotion

 Grey Hair Reverse & Rejuvenating Lotion

$64.50 1 Bottle (2-3 Month Supply)

US S/H – $9.95, other send request

$129.00 2 Bottles(Up to 1 year)
US S/H – $17.95, other send request

Restores your own hair color bringing back that natural color and youth of hair.

It’s easy to use, no assistance with application is needed. Applied locally to gray hair only, it’s extremely efficient even when your hair has gone completely gray.
Fitoforce restores hair color naturally from the inside out, unlike hair dyes. Transition is gradual and nobody will ever notice you are using Fitoforce. Natural hair color is achieved within 7-14 days; however, noticeable difference is visible in most cases after just 5-7 days of application! If you are asking yourself if it really works, please look for yourself at some of photographs from satisfied customers at the following link.


Greying hair is a natural process of aging. As we get older hair turns grey due to a natural build-up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, which causes oxidative stress which oxidizes melanin and consecutively causes greying. To amend this process, the accumulated oxygen from oxidized colorless melanin as well as the constantly produced one must be taken away from the hair. That’s when the two key elements of Fitoforce formula come into an effect. FITOFORCE removes Oxygen from oxidized colorless melanin using the enzyme g-reductase which binds with silver nitrate. This results in restoration of melanin’s natural color. If you are tired of looking older than you feel because of some grey hair, order this unique product against grey hair and become as young as you feel.


  • Restores your own hair color which looks natural
  • Easy to use and to store
  • Applied locally to grey hair and scalp under it only
  • Hair color is restored from the inside out, thus the whole hair is colored equally. Hair dye is often a compromise.
  • SAVES money, one bottle of Fitoforce lasts for up to 3 month
  • Nobody will notice you are using it